Shami breaks defensive stance, accuses wife of dividing his family and being opportunist

Breaking his defensive stance for the first time after his wife leveled sensational charges against him, Indian fast bowler Mohammed Shami accused wife Hasin Jahan of dividing his family, saying he is now stuck with this marriage, which has now raised questions on his character and career. 

In an exclusive interview with ABP News Shami conceived the fact it will be very difficult to save his marriage, especially when his wife is not at all ready to reconcile. “I’m stuck with this marriage, so much so that it has damaged my reputation, raised questions on my character and career. I don’t think it’s possible to come to any conclusion now. She has already ended the marriage in her mind,” said Shami.

In a stark contrast to what Shami said a few days ago to ABP News in his first ever interview after the incident came to light, Shami came up with a series of charges against his wife, even going on to accuse her of taking money in the name of their daughter.

“When I was busy touring for India, she called me up, demanding 15 lakhs for our daughter’s medical insurance. I obviously agreed, thinking it is for the betterment of our daughter. But later on, I found out she used only 5 lakhs for our daughter and kept 10 lakhs for herself.”

When enquired about the cash deficiency, Hasin pointed fingers at Shami, accusing him of doubting her, revealed Shami.

In an even more startling revelation, Shami accused wife Hasin of neglecting his parents, demanding a separate kitchen and even refusing to provide food.

“Hasin demanded a separate kitchen, refusing to provide food for my parents. I was distanced from my family, she cut me off completely and forced to me settle in Kolkata,” said Shami.

Shami also went on to defend his brother on the rape charges, saying his brother was not even present in the same area.

“Hasin slapped rape charges on my brother when he wasn't even around. He was in Moradabad and Hasin was in my village Amroha, 30 KMs away from Moradabad.Hasin used to question my brother all the time, while the truth is, my brother used to manage all the financial accounts of my family with full dignity, in my absence.”

Shami also dismissed all the charges of neglecting Hasin’s financial needs by saying he had gifted her a necklace worth Rs. 18 lakhs for Buvneshwar Kumar's reception.

“I had bought her a necklace worth 18 lakhs for Bhuvneshwar Kumar's wedding but she keeps saying I don't take care of her expenses. All her accusations of being financially unstable is baseless, she still has my debit card and is using it to full effect for all her expenses in Kolkata.”  

Shami, whose IPL participation is still in doubt, reinstated his belief in BCCI and saying he would accept the cricket body’s mandate. “I have full faith in BCCI. They will decide whether I have taken money from Mohammed bhai through any Pakistani girl.” Shami signed off.

Here is full interview:

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