Hasin dismisses settlement rumors, asks police for security

New Delhi: After news broke in that some family members of disgraced cricketer Mohammed Shami have gone to Kolkata to initiate the reconciliation efforts between the couple, Hasin on Tuesday shed light on the latest developments in the fiasco.

Emotional Hasin in a press conference held in Kolkata described the chain of events that began Monday evening.

“Yesterday I received message from Shami asking me to let him talk to their daughter. I replied back by saying that if he cared about the child then he would not have done such hideous acts in first place itself. Today I got a call from him telling me that I was trying to frame him and his family. Then I asked him to prove me wrong. I have also asked him to confess of his wrong doings in front of the media,” Jahan said while interacting with the media.  

Dismissing the rumours of settlement, Jahan asserted that is not looking for any kind of mid-ground with Shami and is hopeful that the 27-year-old will be held responsible for his wrong doings by the concerned authorities.

“There is no way that I will go for any kind of settlement. I have all the evidences of his wrong doings. I have gone through so much trouble in the past two years. Even now, I am going through so much abuse on social media. I am in this battle and I will fight till the time justice is served. I tried to sort things out before but now there is no turning back for me,” Jahan added.

Hasin also revealed that she demanded police protection as currently she is living under tremendous fear and is afraid that any wrong can happen to her and her daughter.

“Yes I have asked for police protection as I am terrified right now. I am under living my life in fear and I am afraid that anything can happen now,” Hasin signed off.

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